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Ornamental grass bundles of natural grasses, dried

Ornamental grass bundles of natural grasses, dried

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Beautiful ornamental grasses made from dried Chinese broom dried flowers.

Great, decorative bundles of dried grass made from natural material - versatile. They are large, robust and totally easy to care for.

Absolute eye-catcher as a decorative accessory, for inside and outside.

Ideal for lying down, hanging up or for further processing or crafting - but also perfect for large standing vases.

Tip: several bundles in Place a large plant container or basket (in real potting soil or floral foam for flowers/plants) for a large format wow arrangement and that boho beach feel all year round!

The “plants” need neither sun, water nor fertilizer, always look equally good and are very long-lasting. They vary depending on how you want to prepare the bundles. They can be trimmed, decorated individually, or arranged in one or more bundles.

Bundle natural: height approx. 100 - 130 cm, approx. 8 pieces (individual grasses)
Bundle natural-brown: height approx. 100 - 110 cm, approx. 18 - 24 pieces (individual grasses)

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