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" a warm, creamy, smooth cup of mocha -
touching you from the inside and
looks pretty at the same time!”

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About Us

Moccatone was founded at the beginning of 2022 out of the longing for (long-distance) travel and moments of happiness on vacation. An online store that wants to bring a bit of vacation into your own home with hand-picked home accessories. All furnishings and lifestyle products are personally selected by me with love and care and represent sustainable, fair trade and natural materials.

We carry handmade decoration, textiles, furniture and artwork as well as accessories for a mindful lifestyle . In particular, the living trends Wabi Sabi, Japandi and Modern Boho can be found in our interior pieces. At moccatone we focus on self-care, mindfulness and natural living .

We consciously set ourselves apart from the large, anonymous online shops and want to build a relationship with you as a customer so that we can give you the best possible advice.

We at moccatone live this spirit in our own home and on our travels.

As the founder of moccatone, I am very happy to pass on my many years of experience in the interior industry to you through personalized projects such as interior planning, home staging , room makeover and interior consulting. I have a connection, a memory, a feeling for every product and every project.

I am happy to be able to share this holiday feeling with you in your own four walls and to inspire you with my work and the moccatone store !


Cheers to many wonderful #moccatonements together

(Founder of moccatone)



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