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White Sage - White Sage Stick

White Sage - White Sage Stick

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Premium quality organic Californian white sage - ethically sourced.

  • Cleanses your environment of negative energies
  • Cleanses objects of negative energies
  • Relieves nervous tension and stress
  • Improves relaxation

100% high quality natural white sage sourced from the natural habitats of Salvia Apiana in California. Handpicked in a way that does not disturb their natural environment.
Handcrafted product, finished and packaged in Berlin, Germany.

approx. 14-15cm x 3.5cm, 45-50g

White sage has been traditionally used by local people for thousands of years.
It is said to have spiritual, healing, antimicrobial and mood-enhancing properties .

The smoke from burnt sage is said to drive away negative energies and
Neutralize vibrations. It can be used to clean entire environments or specific objects .

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