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Placemat (set of 4 or 6) MATARAM | Boho round placemat made of banana fiber & seagrass 38 cm

Placemat (set of 4 or 6) MATARAM | Boho round placemat made of banana fiber & seagrass 38 cm

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• 38cm diameter
• made of robust banana fiber and seaweed
• perfect for the dining table or as a decorative element
• plastic-free packaging
• 100% handmade and fair trade

Mataram is a placemat made from alternating strands of seaweed and banana fiber. It gives every table setting that certain something.
You can also use Mataram as a wall decoration or as a base on your dressing table or bedside table.

Mataram is available as a set of 2, 4 or 6.
Diameter: 38cm

SOEJI products are artfully crafted unique pieces. Due to hand manufacturing and natural variations in materials, they may vary slightly in size, color and shape.

Main materials: seagrass, banana fiber

The placemats are made from plant fibers. They therefore smell and feel wonderfully natural.

What is usually referred to as “seagrass” by basket makers is actually not an (under)water plant, but a small, palm-like plant that is widespread on sandy beaches in the tropics of Asia. The leaves of the plants often cultivated by humans are separated, cut into strips, dried and then processed by hand.

Banana fiber is the fibers of the layered trunks of agricultural banana trees. The intense brown color occurs naturally when the fibers are dried in the sun for about a week. The individual ribbons are then rolled into the characteristic, approx. 6 mm thick strands. Only old, dying banana trees are used for this material. This gives these plants a second life as a dimensionally stable and robust raw material for many handmade baskets here at Soeji.

Other materials: nylon thread

This placemat is handmade in Java, Indonesia.
When selecting local producers, Soeji attaches great importance to fair pay and good working conditions. In the factories where they source their goods, they only work with adult and experienced artisans. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Since all work steps are carried out by hand, the production process causes hardly any greenhouse gas emissions. Soeji ensures all of this through regular on-site visits and permanent personal contact with the companies.
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