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Sun Shield Drops SPF 50 sun protection serum

Sun Shield Drops SPF 50 sun protection serum

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The innovative and skin-care sun protection serum with a quickly absorbing consistency and a highly effective filter system can be applied alone, with a face cream or in combination with other care and make-up products. Intensive SPF 50 sun protection against UVA and UVB radiation helps prevent sunburn, protects against UV-related premature skin aging and reliably prevents wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation and age spots .

Enriched with an active ingredient complex made from ceramide derivatives, vitamin E and Q10, the serum also reduces the signs of light-damaged skin and regenerates damaged cell structures without the “whitening” effect.

  • Transforms any cream or make-up into a sun protection product
  • Innovative, ocean-friendly UV filter system
  • Comprehensive sun protection against UVA and UVB rays (SPF 50)
  • Ceramide derivatives help photodamaged aging skin
  • Tetrapeptides reduce UV-induced inflammatory processes
  • With Q10 and vitamin E
  • No whitening, no sticking, quickly absorbed

Highly concentrated, light sunscreen with SPF 50. The deeply effective active ingredient complex protects against premature light-induced skin aging and supports the regeneration of damaged cell structures . The tetrapeptides it contains reduce the release of interleukin in the skin and reduce UV-induced inflammatory processes. The protective effect was tested on volunteer test subjects by an independent institute using an internationally recognized and standardized method. Also suitable for sun-sensitive skin. Coral-friendly sun care without octinoxate and oxybenzone in accordance with the Hawaiian Reef Law.

CLEAN CARE CONCEPT FROM SOBER "We guarantee that our cosmetic products are 100% free of all questionable ingredients. This means safe use and the best of science and nature. We fundamentally avoid harmful carcinogenic, toxic skin-altering or, in our view, questionable ingredients in all products are often used in conventional cosmetics. None of our products contain petrochemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrances, silicones, synthetic colors, PEG-based polymers, sodium lauryl sulfate, nitrosamine sources, parabens, paraffins, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA) and no polycyanoacrylates or microplastics. No products or their ingredients are tested on animals in accordance with EU legislation."

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