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Scent block, scent stone in a bag - room aroma

Scent block, scent stone in a bag - room aroma

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Handmade vegan scented stones in 8 wonderful scents - for home or when traveling together in a small linen bag.

For at home, e.g. in the linen closet, in the bathroom/toilet, on the bed or in any other room, these little "everyday fresheners" are an absolute enrichment. And they are also decorative - especially in a beautiful bowl.
Of course, you can also pack them in a bag and take them with you when traveling, put them in the car or hang them in your closet.
The scent remains active for up to a year.
Also great as a gift!

The scent cubes are handmade according to a traditional recipe.

Tip: For optimal and long-term use, it is best to first use the block as a scent stone. When the smell subsides, you can scrape something off to release the scent again. The shavings can be used in a vacuum cleaner bag or in an aroma burner. Turning it on a few times a day is enough to spread the scent throughout the room.

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