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TANIMBAR storage basket made of water hyacinth

TANIMBAR storage basket made of water hyacinth

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• 38 x 26 x 23 cm (M) or 44 x 32 x 26 cm (L) in size
• made from stable, sustainable water hyacinth
• With practical carrying handles, perfect as a storage basket for magazines or toys
• plastic-free packaging
• 100% handmade and fair trade

With its compact shape and simplicity, the rectangular Tanimbar basket fits perfectly into open shelves or cupboards. Whether in the bathroom for laundry, towels and toilet paper or in the living room or children's room for sorting items - let your creativity run wild!

Due to the material used, woven thick water hyacinth fibers, the basket is extremely robust and relatively heavy, which makes it appear very high quality. This makes it the right choice even for coarse firewood.

Dimensions: length x width x height (without handles)
M: 38x26x23cm
L: 44 x 32 x 26 cm

Main material: water hyacinth
Water hyacinth is a tropical aquatic plant that can be found and seen along rivers. They were actually raised from South America, but also from Southeast Asia. There it is considered a weed because it reproduces incredibly quickly and can cover entire bodies of water with a carpet. The right lack of light and contact kills all underwater creatures that belong to the plants needed. So that the plants can then be processed for further processing, the leaves are removed and the thick stems are placed in the sun for three to seven days. The result is a wealth of possible, leading raw materials for many woven goods.

This basket is made in Java, Indonesia.
When selecting local producers, Soeji attaches great importance to fair pay and good working conditions. Only experienced and adult craftsmen work in the companies from which they purchase their goods. No harmful chemicals are used in production. Since all work steps are carried out by hand, the production process hardly produces any greenhouse gas emissions. The employees from Germany ensure all of this through regular on-site visits and permanent personal contact with the companies.
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