Soeji - Indonesian Craftsmanship

The name “Soeji” (pronounced Suji) comes from Javanese and means something like “pure” or “unadulterated” – exactly what the brand’s products are all about.
It relies exclusively on natural, environmentally friendly materials , which otherwise often end up in the trash as waste products or weeds - and on the work of experienced artisans.
Through close cooperation with local small producers in Java and Bali in Indonesia without intermediaries and long communication channels, Soeji can guarantee very good working conditions and wages and can precisely trace the origin of the raw materials . A pleasant side effect is fair prices, where you can be sure that a lot of it goes to the producers and little goes to large international corporations.
With Soeji we want to enable everyone to bring a little tropical lifestyle into their everyday lives with sustainable accessories and at the same time support artisans in developing countries .

Brand location: Warendorf, Germany