Naturewaves - Natural &Hhandmade Home Accessories

Naturewaves stands for natural and handmade home accessories for a minimalist and sustainable home - a mix of timeless unique pieces, modern designs and traditional craftsmanship.

Nowadays it's difficult to maintain trends for a long time, but due to mass production, many things no longer even have exclusivity or we don't even know how and where they were made. Naturewaves wants to do something different and provide a place for transparency and more humanity create. Here, sustainability is not a trend - rather an endless journey in which people are inspired to switch to conscious trading and a holistically sustainable lifestyle. It is important to be able to see behind the scenes. Naturewaves works with its production partners personally and on an equal footing, resulting in a complete Insight into the manufacturing processes at all production locations arises.

We want to give small craft businesses and family businesses more visibility and appreciation and inspire people to consume more responsibly.

It is particularly important to us to make a contribution to fair trade, to support small businesses and to focus on humanity. That's why we work without intermediaries with our partners all over the world, who often have many generations of experience in their craft.

The philosophy of Naturewaves:

Each product is made by hand. The combination of long practice, a lot of passion and old traditions creates unique pieces.

By using natural, robust and sustainable raw materials, a longer lifespan can be ensured for these products - waste of resources is saved and our planet is thus relieved.

Fair & social
To ensure that all products are manufactured under fair working conditions, the brand works with partners directly and on an equal footing.

There is no mass production or short trends. Rather, Naturewaves focuses on the appreciation of a product and the respective manufacturing processes, which means they can also give smaller companies more visibility.

Brand location: Oldenburg , Germany